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BiG Productions is a full service new media production agency & editorial boutique producing corporate & non-profit videos and campaigns. Our team composes a group of professionals with diverse and extraordinaru skills but the one thing we have in common... our team has a BiG passion for making a difference & producing award winning films & campaigns from concept to completion that produce BiG results.

Our Team

At BiG Productions, we tell stories. It’s how we do it that makes us unique;

• We are BiG believers in life. We’re interested in people, specifically, their individual stories, and how human stories can explain and explore complicated issues. Stories that motivate people to be part of a cause or build a community.
• We tell BiG stories through TV shows, web sites, films, commercials, podcasts and motion graphics. Our stories can
go from a book to a screen or the other way around.
• We care about your BiG idea. We turn the stories of inspiring people and organizations into compelling content across the media spectrum. 

Our expertise as a full service production company and editorial boutique that produces creative campaigns for both corporate and non-profit agencies draws from our diverse experience and passion for each and every client and makes every day exciting.

As the premiére production company servicing the Jewish community, we have extensive interest in, and experience with, all
the nuances indicative of the community. So, we not only “speak your language,” but we have the full understanding of the cultural landscape and intricacies necessary to deliver strategic messages.

We know how to bring your message to life. Whether for marketing, sales, training or education, our teams know how to
make the BiG connections that deliver results. With more than a decade of experience, BiG Productions has the
tools to deliver your messages and reach your audience. It’s not just about pushing out a message; it’s about understanding your
communication goals and interacting with your audience. 

At BiG Productions, we use our BiG hearts and BiG talents to tell stories that make a difference and affect change. That’s the BiG difference.


In 2001 Gi left his successful career on Wall Street to pursue his true calling of film making. After graduating with honors from film school, and picking up paying clients early on, he founded BiG Productions in order to help bring people's visions to the BiG screen. Mr Orman is passionate about helping cllients help others. Whether it's people being displaced from their homes, people with psychological issues, or children with Cancer, Gi is dedicated to producing films that tell compelling stories and tug at the heart strings, leading to BiG donations.

In 2007 while producing a video for an organization that had volunteers running in the ING Miami Marathon, Gi went the extra mile and his film was the featured presentation that toppped off a landmark 2 million dollar campaign. They raised the most money in the history of the ING Miami Marathon. Mr. Ormans films have been featured across the world at Gala banquets including L.A., Florida, Chicago, Toronto, New Jersey, Miami, New York, England, Baltimore and Israel. Many of BiG's clients have come back because of Gi's straight forward yet creative and innovative approach. One thing all his clients agree on is, "BiG Productions is a pleasure to work with, they really listen to what we need, and go above and beyond". - THiNK BiG


Dave was born and raised in Queens, NY and even from an early age, Dave developed an amazing skill and passion for solving problems and overcoming challenges. Turning down engineering scholarships, Dave attended NYU Film and quickly excelled and jumped from one freelance job to another, working in nearly all fields of production - news, sports, corporate, reality, features, web campaigns and many more. However he finally decided to put his efforts and abilities to use in helping organizations and those in need and felt there was no better place to do that than BiG Productions. When he's not behind the camera or on his phone, Dave spends his free time as a volunteer EMT.

Jake is the newest addition to the BiG team but he brings a fresh approach to editing and has an unbelievable eye ear for finding the best music to deliver the BiG message in every video he works on. When not at the office, Jake is playing the drums with his band. 

BiG Productions is always growing and looking to expand it's team - both full time in-house staff as well as freelance/temporary crew positions. If you're interested in joining our team, please shoot us an email at hr@bigprod.net

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